30 April 2018

The End

The final day
Has finally come.
I never thought
I would be done.

The words are staler
As of late
But some of my poems
Are really great.

I've never made it
To the end.
So please excuse
This poem, my friend.

Day 30!

29 April 2018


Paper for plastic.
Beer for Wine.
Guns for Knives.
Six for Nine.

Coffe for tea.
Cows for beans.
Work for food.
Slacks for jeans.

Cars for bikes.
Coal for wind.
Salad for steak.
Dust for men.

Day 29.

28 April 2018

Hidden from View

Every side of the moon faces the sun
At some point.
May dark side
Just never faces you.

Day 28.