06 April 2014

The Dust Remains

Remnants and scraps?
Skin and smoke?
Dust is more
Than vagrant, floating flotsam.
It is the past without retreat.
It is the memory of
What we cannot remember.
Even the water in the clouds
Needs those particles to persist,
Are born
In the drifting Dust.

Defile the Dust?
Deny your ancestors?
Renounce your heritage
From every dead galaxy
And each star yet to be born
In the burning gravity of Dust?

There was a time before the light,
And there will be eons past
The hungry red demise of the Sun.
But even in the black contraction
Of the near empty
At the end of Space
The Dust remains.
Thank you, Tess Kincaid for this great visual prompt from Magpie Tales. The mood of my poem may not seem to come naturally from the photo, but that's what I got from the dust. I mean, doesn't dust just scream "The Law of Conservation of Mass" to you?  I have a decent microphone now, so I'm also having lots of fun recording some of my poems. Happy day 6!


  1. I love the intelligence of this!

  2. O love the permanence you've given to dust... The way the words remind us that the particles are what we make of them, and that what they are will continue to be even if we forget. Powerful.

  3. Very philosophical.
    thanks for sharing

  4. Nice poem! Powder Through light we become!

  5. Thank you for taking me across and back safely, Dear Charon

  6. Indeed, the dust remains ... this is such a powerful and intelligent piece. I often wonder at the reconfiguration of molecules over eons of time ... if matter cannot be created or destroyed, what must I be made up of ... bits of bear, smatterings of Socrates, dabs of daylilies, ...

  7. Some how made me remember this - Dust to dust.

  8. I like the timeless feel which weaves through this...

  9. I really enjoyed this poem and the references to ancestors and space. Dust will linger long after we are gone..

  10. nice play ont he law of conservation of mass...interesting too in thinkiung about where that dust came from or what it might have been a part of....

  11. Dust at the end of space... I like that. I like that a lot. :)

  12. Great take on this Magpie Tale ... creative and clever. Well done.

  13. Fabulous - I really love this one! It was the kind of road I intended to go along with mine (which would have not as been as good as this!) but I veered off...! Lucky I don't drive drive then, I suppose!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  14. "It is the memory of
    What we cannot remember."
    I really liked this, the way you captured this inanimate entity that is a part of our everything. I am reminded of the words said on every 'Ash Wednesday' in my early Catholic up-bringing: "From dust you were made and to dust you shall return." Nicely penned.

  15. You dug deep with this one. I like it.


  16. Used the flotsam thing in mine, as well...very nice...