02 April 2014

Special Relativity

Image from Howard Dickens

How did Albert Einstein know
That when things get so heavy
Time moves so slow?

Continuums of gravity, space, and time
Are not exclusive,
But all intertwine.

You think he speaks of wormholes. Instead,
He’s describing the heaviness
Inside of my head.

When the morning arrives, I’d like to disprove
All his theories,
But the hands on my clock just won’t move.

Day 1 of NaPoWriMo. I uploaded it on day 2, but I assure you that it was written on Day 1. Inspiration is from Poetry Jam's prompt about time. I wanted to record it because it is a RARE attempt at rhyme for me and I wanted to show how I [think I] intended it to sound.


  1. Ha... this is really fascinating science and interesting take on the prompt. Love the last stanza witty and clever!

  2. very cool....einstein/hawking they all have amazing thoughs...great play off times slow down with weight and i like how you make it personal as well

  3. So much really is interconnected, isn't it? And...well, when the morning arrives, it would be nice if the hands on the clock would stand still for a few extra minutes. I enjoyed your take on the prompt!

  4. love the third stanza....and the title is so appropriate... :)

  5. The heaviness inside my head - Love this and that feeling of a rage against time. Nicely done.

  6. and the opposite saying is " time flies when we are having fun"; have a nice Wednesday

    much love,,,

  7. I like how you link your own heaviness to scientific laws. At the moment, after the switch to summer time, I'd love for the hands of my clock to stop every morning.

  8. Ah... love the opening stanza and the humorous ending. Great piece!

  9. ack, mornings! bring on the coffee...smiles....i enjoyed this fun piece.

  10. Wormholes, heaviness --- a clever take on the prompt!

  11. LOL! Excellent response to this prompt. Enjoyed reading this.