08 April 2014


Image by  M. A. S

Just a final breath of your kerosene aroma.
One last, craning gaze at your titanium summit.
Before the T-minus counts the end of your days,
Before it says goodbye.

Your searing, white tail licks the concrete.
My palms pressed flat against the blast shield.
I don’t mind the hot rumble
As you spite gravity,
As you lift away from the mortal Earth.

If I could hyperspeed with you
Past the clouds
Until the atmosphere was a memory,
Until the world was small,
I would feed your fire with my lungs.
I would give you my oxygen to breathe.

Some of you may have noticed my obsession with space and other scientific themes. This was the perfect topic for the Day 7 challenge at NapoWriMo.net. Write a love poem about an inanimate object. The photo here is one that I took of a replica of a full sized Saturn V rocket at the U. S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. I spent about a week there at Space Academy for Educators.


  1. WoW! I'm breathless now after reading that. What a wonderful journey you took us on, albeit for only a moment.

  2. You and the rocket are one! I like the line about the T-minus count ending its days.

  3. Great immediacy in this, and some crackling good imagery--I especially like the second stanza, ( the first couplet and 'spiting gravity' --really good) and the ending lines bring it all home(or make it take off, I suppose would be more accurate.) Enjoyed it much..