15 April 2013

You Don't Have to Pick My Pockets

I'll just empty my pockets
While I still can.
Let me pick my wallet
From my jeans pocket
Instead of my Sunday slacks.
Cash, cards, coins.
I’m done with it.
Let me buy you one last round
And one last dress.
You can pick my suit,
But you don’t have to pick my pockets.
It’s yours
With the everything else.
So when you put me in my box,
Just keep the wallet.

Day 15. My inspiration is a line from Soundgarden's Jesus Christ Pose: 
It wouldn't bring you more to bury you rich than to bury you poor.
I didn't spend as much time with this as I should have. Not so happy with it. But instead of deleting it, I decided to use it for day 15.

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