08 April 2013

What Makes Envy?

Jatropha hybrid - Leaf detail (129 DAS)
image by tonrulkens
What makes envy
So green?

I don’t think it can be
The symmetrical beauty of a leaf,
Catching light rays like a sail,
Or the meager refraction of a sunbeam
Through the cold morning dew drops
On a tilting blade of grass.
Surely not the hungry chloroplasts,
Gobbling up photons
And making them into stalks and stems,
Roots and trunks.

I think that some things should stay beautiful.
Some colors should remain innocent,
So in my mind,
I rearrange the spectrum,
Diffuse each brilliant color
From its ugly emotion,
And wash the envy away
Like runny paint,
And wipe away every trace.

I give the green back
To the forests
The flora
The foliage
And the fields.

Day 8. Submitted at Open Link Night at DVerse Poets Pub.


  1. yeah..i agree...good to give the green back to where it really belongs...washing the envy away like paint...i like

  2. nice....really cool...nature has such art in how it crafts the leaves...and envy, ack, it will eat a hole in the heart surely...best to give that back....

  3. a read an overlap with your poem and mine re. the green. oh how I love green! reclaiming it to its rightful place here is brilliant. your second stanza is particularly soothing.

  4. A beautiful write on greenness and newness of nature ~ I like the turn to give back the green to the forest and fields ~ A gem to read tonight ~

  5. What a wonderful way to defeat envy!

  6. I like the blending of science and the poetic. I particularly like:

    And wash the envy away
    Like runny paint