04 April 2013


Nov. 30 - A Day in a Wheelchair
Image by vanhookc

One day I think,
This thing may rebel.
My commands unheard.
My voice ignored.
My fingers
Refuse into fists.
My steps
Stop in stride.

I am not surprised.
I am not angry.
But I do not forgive
My body,
The betrayer.

Inspiration from Poets United prompt: Body, as well as my dad, who had Parkinson's disease. Day 4 NaPoWriMo! 


  1. By the last line, I had reckoned the wheel was on a chair... Mike, sorry you lost your dad to Parkinson's. My husband lost his dad to ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease), which had the same loss of control. Lex says his dad was embarrassed most of all...

    "My fingers REFUSE into fists." Giving that motion a sense of reason, brilliant writing. Thanks for stopping my to see me, Mike. Peace, Amy

  2. You have described Parkinson's as it is. I lost someone near and dear to me to its fate; and it is painful indeed to watch the progression. And yes, the body is the betrayer and I understand not being sad or angry but not being able to forgive the body for what it makes a person endure. Your poem here is an amazing one really, one I will NOT forget.

  3. You tell a truth, so clearly and concisely. Nothing more needs be said, except that many will always remember.

  4. Like the other comments say, this is very powerful! What a hard disease for the one with the disease and those that watch its effects.

  5. I can feel the frustration and fear in this poem. Parkinson's is such a horrible disease and all too common.