22 April 2013

These Pages

Monhegan's Schoolteacher, 2004 by Jamie Wyeth 

These pages are kind,
Without the soft warm elastic of flesh,
But they are forgiving.
These pages are radiant,
Without the heat of a soul piercing through pupils,
But they are entrancing.
These pages arouse,
Without the panting of lungs and the grope of desire,
But they are here for me to touch.
These pages will never leave.

Day 22. Inspired by Mag 165. My mind was going in a couple of different directions here. 


  1. Very good; expertly handled...

  2. So, is this what you teachers do on your Saturday nights?!!

    Really, this is beautiful!

  3. I resonate with the statement at the top of your blog. I wish I was better with the visual arts. But, to put it kindly, I suck. So I write. I may suck at that too, but not as much as I suck at the visual arts.

  4. ... we will always have books.

  5. My favorite this week...beautiful write M.A.S.