23 April 2013

My Gift

The dots do not connect.
The elements do not combine
Into pattern.

How many colors
Can’t I perceive?
If my eye were a magic prism,
What rainbow of invisible spectrum
Would shock my optic nerve?

What sounds
Pass serenely through my space,
Without the slightest tympanic vibration?
If my ears breathed in every noise
Just to live,
What quavering wavelengths
Would shake beneath my skin?

Maybe my gift is
That I should never know.

Day 23? I was thinking about how music must sound to a musical genius? How does art look to a grand artist? My magic prism line is borrowed from "The Necromancer" by RUSH.


  1. Intriguing that "rainbow of invisible spectrum"!

  2. if we actually saw...and heard so clear...
    i think it might just drive us mad...

    1. It might be great for an hour or so.

  3. It's a deep poem filled with wonder. I agree with Brian. I don't think anyone could take the plethora of sights and sounds all at once. I love the last line. It's a fitting conclusion.

    1. Yeah, I think it would be fairly overwhelming.

  4. Thank you for your comments, Sherry, Brian, and madhumakhi.

  5. Yes, it really is interesting to think about our senses, I think....and what we don't perceive. There is undoubtedly so much more than we can see or hear. Somehow I think we only see the 'tip of the iceberg.'

  6. Interesting questions raised in your poem.. There's so much to think about, and then thinking about what we don't really know.. it can be overwhelming!