03 January 2013

Scorched Earth

Detail: A 'Cannibal Star' (NASA, Chandra, 09/14/10)
Image from NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center

Can you remember the summer?
Mowing grass and automatic sprinkler heads.
What I wouldn’t give
To brush the bare bottoms of my feet
On the damp grass,
If there were any green blades left.
If it hadn’t all blackened like burnt pages
And disintegrated in the dry wind.

If just one wet oasis
Didn’t mirage away,
And ripple back into space,
Reclaimed by the massive maker.

Even the heavy mercury
Has evaporated back up to her
In a wavy red mist.
Its thermometer glass
Bubbling on the pavement.

I shouldn’t be here
To watch the atmosphere boil away.
To steal the least breaths of oxygen
Before they vaporize.

I suppose the heat hasn’t killed me
Just so I could take one last look
At her cherry scowl
Before all my colors are charred black.
Get just one final, searing glimpse
At the bastarding gluttony of the sun.

If you have read more than a few poems here, you'll know that I absolutely love writing poems with a strong scientific slant. I, of course, am also greatly inspired by the music I love (usually hard rock/metal).That being said, the inspiration from  this is a single line from a Black Sabbath song, Snowblind. "The sun no longer sets me free." I thought, well the sun is a pretty cool gal, but in a few billion years, she'll grow red and massive to engulf the Solar System. I figured if a person were around for that, they'd be kind of upset. Submitted at Sunday Scribblings.