11 December 2012

Hold Me Tight Forever

Cactus Fruits with clouds, Centanario, Baja California Sur, Mexico 0794
Image by Wonderlane

Let me be your cactus fruit
At the top of the desert.
Ladder up my prickly spines
Until I am part of your skin.
Lean against my green needle bed.
Reach your pin pricked fingers
Up against the stiff sand
And the pull of the hot earth.

Climb just one more stabby rung.
The arid floor so far away now,
There's no need to go back.
No way to get down.
Let the heat have us both.

Sunbeams blister down
My outstretched arms,
Redden your flesh bare back
As the hours glow and sizzle.

Stay with me in this beautiful swelter.
Hold me tight forever.

Sometimes the difficulty of attaining a goal can leave us with something that is just as hard as the process of getting that something. Sometimes it's worth it. This is offered at Sunday Scribblings, under the theme grounded. Also posted at dVerse Poets Pub for Open Link Night.


  1. oh heck...some intense images in this...you had me sliding in and out of my comfort zone...smiles

    1. Thanks. It's good to have a little discomfort, right?

  2. Wow, romanticism turned loose on heat, pain and torture. Fun contrast of the usual approach of nature-worshipping poets. The metaphor to the relationship is unclear: sarcastic, realistic, enlivened ...?
    But that vagueness, here, works very well for me.
    Nicely, nicely done!

  3. nice...intriguing piece....the climbing the spines until together and willing to face the heat that will come...yet still again together...very nice.

  4. I love 'sunbeams blister down'..it feels safe up there on top of the cactus..lovely words..

    1. I'm glad you like that. I changed it from "sunbeams torch down."

  5. I thought I left my comments earlier ~ I love the passionate voice and heat in your words, from opening to the closing lines ~

  6. Interesting poem, great imagery and sentiment