29 October 2012

Neptune Will Not Apologize

Image from mikebaird

Does the tiger apologize for his teeth?
For his meals of meat
Stripped from thighs and underbellies?
Even as the blood glides down his long incisors,
Does he apologize then?
He eats.
He lives.

Does the grenade regret
Arms and legs torn open?
Shrapnel spikes right through the heart?
It does its job.
All it knows.

And Neptune will not apologize
To any man
For his aqueous fists
And pulverizing blue rage.
For his forty days
And nights.
This world is his
And the gods'.

Who do you think you are?

I started this a month or so ago, but hurricane Sandy encouraged me to finish it. I've always been amazed by water's dual nature: the life giver/destroyer. Posted at Imaginary Garden with Real Toads.


  1. With time we forget who we are but nature will quickly remind us.

  2. This is so true and, unfortunately, so timely. Hope you and your family are doing well. We really lucked out here in Southern MD. My mother in law's town in Southern NJ supposedly got demolished. We'll have to wait and see if her house is still standing.

  3. this is an interesting perspective on the hurricane, and i happen to agree with you. nature does only what it knows how to do. x

  4. @Dana, thanks. I thought of this as more than just hurricanes. Tsunamis, torrential rain, erosion, whatever.

    @Mouse. we're all fine. You know Live on the west coast. I'm a New orleans native though, so i have some hurricane experience (though I was not there for Katrina). But this is really going to be some havock.