22 August 2012

Quantum Death

Pull me up close
Intimate to your tiny world.
Entrust me
To eulogize your particles.

I’ll be right here
When you smash your bodies to bits
That evaporate
Into microscopic mysteries.

I’ll chart your reactions.
I’ll publish your story.
I’ll tell the world.

Not very polished, but I haven't written a poem in MANY months. I just had to do it. Submitted at the Thursday Poets Rally.


  1. Glad to see you back! And you are the rare person who understands both science AND can write well!

  2. I've been writing some different things over the summer. But I hate to ignore my poems like I did!!

    Glad you like!Science is so fun to write about. I mean, it's already poetry!

  3. Of course, I don't understand quantum physics, but this was moving anyway... especially the lines "I'll publish your story / I'll tell the world."

  4. This poem was really cool, not only in the topic but the way it was written. I really liked the last line especially.

  5. Dear friend,
    This is very new to me but very interesting. Like some of the other folks...GREAT ending!! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Welcome back and what a way to do it, love the scientific theme of this one, great stuff!

  7. Ace poem, well written and structured. An interesting read :)

  8. Hi M.A.S.,
    You said it's not really polished, but I don't see that. I really like it. Very imaginative and powerful.

    A love that is willing to pay attention to the greatest detail, that understands the depth of the other's pain (or wants to), even beyond death. This left me with a "Wow" sounding inside my head.

    Have they discovered the "Wow!" particle yet? :-)

    Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog.


  9. Creative well penned tells a unique story with a promise