01 May 2012

Zeus Renounces Lightning

The Whole Zeus
Image by Great Beyond

Zeus, crouched over a whetstone 
Grew weary
Of sharpening lightning bolts
To a perfect flash,
Bright enough to scorch the sky.

Hera, his wife,
Had faded years ago
And torn into little pieces
Of old, yellow parchment.

Zeus blew the rest of her out of the heavens
On a god lips' thermal current

Ares and Orion
Leapt off Olympus 
To live with the stars
When the earth was a child.

Zeus had only
The roar of thunder
And the granite of the mountain
To keep his company
Among the clouds.

It was not nearly enough.

And as he electric knifed his immortal heart
He only wished
He had realized it long ago.

Submitted for Sunday Scribblings, based on the prompt, "storm." Also submitted at dVerse Poets Pub.