26 April 2012

Primal Paradox

Image from JonasKr via Poets United.

Hello, Coleoptera,
With your cousins in order.
How many more million
Billion of you are there.
Increasing by commas,
So many I cannot count.

I wonder when your wings came.
50 million years before my backbone?
Your six legs?
400 million years
Before I learned to stand
With my feet and toes?

How do you see me?
In image repeat?
Inside out?
Much too soft?

I see you,
The primal paradox.
You've lived so long,
Through earthquakes and ice,
And die in a day.

I see your so many things.
We are born,
And then we get bigger.
Learn to talk.

You are born
And reborn
And born again.
Learning your whole world each time.

Am I better than you
Because wipe you off the glass?

Don't be jealous of me, Lepidoptera,
With my thumbs and warm blood.
And I'll try not to covet
Your beautiful wings.

This is inspired from The Think Tank Thursday's prompt, "wonder," and its accompanying picture. I would not say I'm an insect person. But they are pretty amazing.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, so playful and intriguing!
    I love how you compared science to the beauty of one's view~ Well Done