10 April 2012


I'll measure it myself,
The ground,
Like a surveyor.
I'll cordon off my final belongings.
My last things,
I'll take them with me to the ashes.
I'll dig with the shovel I keep
Next to the lawn mower and the gas cans.

Image from lanchongzi

I'll sign my name by hand.
Chisel and hammer.
Bit by bit.
Day by day.
The calluses tell me
It's important.
The sweat reminds me
That it means something.
Everything else tells me

I'll pick the day.
I'll lie flat,
Reach up,
And shut the door.
But you'll have to fill the hole.

In addition to me writing this in a feverish rush, o try to stay on track for the rest of NaPoWriMo, I've also been quite interested in a line/idea from a Perfect Circle song. "Tilling my own grave to keep me level." Submitted for dVerse Open Link Night.


  1. Such desperation in this poem's voice - I pray that it is fiction.

  2. huh interesting thought...love the wrap around...we do dig our own holes in a way with our decisions and actions...i will say, if only we could pick the day...but...i like...

  3. I have been enjoying your poems...nice use of the ashes and plot...I specially like the last stanza ~

  4. if only we could...

  5. this is heavy- the shovels, the dirt...but also the control- the choosing of the fateful day- as per samuel- i sincerley hope this is just fictional

  6. We are going to be there one day, each one-- what we do or not to can draw us closer there. "Plot"-- suggests not just the spot but that the day is picked and being planned... I think that it is useful to think about what will be on our epitaph-- that keeps us making right and good choices... Interesting!

  7. Very intense and filled with sadness. An interesting approach...and I too hope it is fictional.

  8. I think we all wish we could have more control over the circumstances of our own death. Sometimes it's not death itself but the loss of control that scares us. Very real and intense poem. Good to see you back!

  9. Thanks all!

    @semaphore: Yeah, it's fiction.

    @Mouse: It's good to be back!

  10. I really like the darkness and reflections in this.