11 April 2012

Mountain Man

The draft comes in
Through the concrete corridors,
Between the streetlights,
Like a wooden breeze,
Damp from blowing across a creek,
Smelling like foliage.

The spin cycle quits
And the fridge gets hot.
Serenity like happy deer
And resting goats
Wraps me in its robe.
The soft, velvet squeeze
Eases off my watch,
But scuffs my fingers.
Rough to the touch.

And I hear him.
His whiskers scratch the air.
Why did I even bother
Locking  the door
When he's already located my breaths.
When he's already inside.

Mouthwash drips from my mouth corners.
The razor runs dull
On my scraggled face,
And the mountain man looks
Haggard at me in the mirror.

I give him back my bones.

Some of the inspiration here comes from Three Word Wednesday. The words: draft, serenity, locate. My original idea seemed a bit more cheerful. It began as a conflict between urban and rural. It turned into a backwoods soul-sucker. Enjoy.


  1. Dead good! Love the idea of a scraggled face!

  2. I'm seeing Jack Nicholson for some reason!

  3. Loke a wooden breeze...that line evokes some images for me....this felt anxious and affected. I loved every line. Fantastic!

  4. I find myself standing in front of the mirror looking at a rugged stranger and thinking about his bones. Excellent writing.

  5. Wow!
    I do not like that mountain man. What a winding path this took.

  6. I love the scraggled face on someone else! Thanks, Andy.

    @Mouse, I'm pretty sure we're picturing the same Jack.

    Herotomost, Alice, Angel, Kim-I'm glad you enjoyed. Hope to have you back!

  7. MAS, this is fraught with lovely and disturbing imagery. From "the draft... like a wooden breeze" to that damned mountain man. He creeps me out, and that's probably a good thing. You built a real sense of fear in that stanza. Great write! Peace, Amy

  8. Thanks, Sheilagh.

    @Amy: Thanks. Good to hear from you! I've been gone a while.

  9. Serenity or complacency? There is no way to keep the draft out or soften the creep of time. How utterly startling to see that stranger in the mirror!

    Atmospheric and full of grace. This was a beautiful read.