12 April 2012

Master Key.

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I got a car key.
I got a padlock.
A got a combination safe
For hundred dollar bills.

Electric ID badge
Gets me on the factory floor.
For the safe deposit box.
Retina scanned
At the FBI.

I even got a secret knock
For the after hours speakeasy.

But its all bunk.

What I want
Is a brass piece
That turns all the knobs.
It cracks a door
And angels hold it open.
 I want Cerberus to wag his tail
While I pass him by.
Roll over.
Give a dog a bone.

I want it like that.
I want it all bound up.
I want it rolled up tight,
I want it intertwined.
I want time
And space!
I want the atoms in your elements.
I want the master key.

This is poem #2 for day 12. The keyhole picture prompt is from Poets United Thursday Think Tank. I'm thinking string theory and relativity. It's the kind of poem I like to write every once in a while. 


  1. Wow,you're on a roll today! If someone gave me the key to the universe, I'd probably drop it down a black hole!

  2. "But it's all bunk" - Excellent! Love the reference to Cerberus. I'll be back, for sure!

  3. M.A.S.

    A great adventure with all the key elements, except of course, the keystone:)

    Excellent poem...