22 April 2012

The Long Haul

white flag bandiera bianca
Image by portobeseno.

Call yourself "Winner."
Wear a gold prize
On a ribbon around your neck.
Take your victory.
Tally your spoils.
We'll share them later.

But next time you come to battle,
Quiet your war cry.
Then you'll hear,
No explosions,
No rifles,
No airborne bombers.
No gunships.
No war at all.

That's why you haven't seen
Any bodies,
Or tracer bullets,
Or shelled out houses.

 I'll call a truce.
I'll wave a pointless white flag.
If if brings you
Back from the battleground.

Don't you remember
When I was on your side?

I still am. Inspired by Sunday Scribblings #316. I hope the title helps the poem and helps to explain how this poem came from the prompt, marathon.


  1. This was heartfelt..for me the 'I still am' in the post-script was just as much a part of the poem..Jae

    1. Really? Because I actually meant to include "I still am" in the poem. I thought I did. Oops.
      It still works for you, huh?

  2. War has been ugly, now it is just plain hideous. There are those that are still making money out of it, lots. Bring them back, yes, but that is not a good investment. So prepare for another one.

  3. Yeah, well said, this life is one big marathon!

  4. War is hell, and I'm a pacifist who wants the troops to all go home. Then we can deal with their myriad mental health problems. Rant finished.

    I love this. A marathon peace. Now wouldn't that be something to attempt? I'm in on any plans you come up with, but let's start by offering strangers hugs and buying coffee for homeless folks on the street... then sticking around to talk to them!@ Amy

    1. I've taken hugs from strangers on the street and bought homeless people cheeseburgers. But I never have actually stuck around with them. You're out to change the world. Nice.

  5. read this as a more personal battleground ... the one couples dance in & out of ... but are still in it for the long haul. nice work.