14 April 2012

The Jig is Up

I’ve timed your pupils dilating.
I’ve gauged the temperature of your breath.
I’ve measured in nanometers
Your raised neck hairs.
I’m tuned to the pitch and key
Of your every sound.
I smell the oils on your skin.
The jig is up.
I know your tells.

I got this idea from the great Styx song, Renegade. I thought of that song while I watched Tommy Shaw guest judge on Cupcake Wars. Rather unpolished, since it was so rushed for day 14.  Submitted at The Poetry Pantry.


  1. Thirty-seven years married and five more to start things off, the jig was up long ago-for both of us. Great piece!

  2. M.A.S.,

    Very effective and powerful choice of words. Shivery...


  3. I agree with Eileen that this is a shivery piece. Well crafted, and one that will stay with me.

  4. Very nice..I like it.

    My share: http://a-sweetlust.blogspot.ca/2012/04/secrets.html

  5. Thanks all. I am so thrilled that my poem can produce shivers!

  6. No secrets left. And thus is a long-term relationship. Well said.

  7. I NEVER want to play poker with you! And yes, the explanation of "knowing the tells" is a bit chilling but it really, really works. Loved it! And you were FIRST at the Poetry Pantry, too. Peace, Amy