17 April 2012


Another Kevlar cage ruined.
Bars bent like old straws.
Jimmied the lock with a stick pin
And slipped out
Bedford Jail Cell
Image from gloomy50
Like invisible Houdini.

Safecracker deluxe.
Stethoscope ears,
Surgeon’s touch.
And another handcuff key
Tucked under the tongue.

Sniffing steel,
You smell each escape
Like close prey.
Turn the tumblers
With one quick claw.

Lock me up instead.
Deadbolt me down.
Chain me to the bunk.
Board up the windows
And leave me be.

Of course, what else would inspire me. Hard rock. AC/DC's Jailbreak (not that I have anything against Thin Lizzie). Submitted at dVerse Open Link Night. I tried audio again. Sorry, once more, for the sound quality.


  1. It's the old adage - in a zoo, who are the bars protecting? Ourselves? Or the animals? Great switch in your final verse.

    1. nice...actually i really enjoyed your audio...nice to hear the voice...at least it might be a bit more quiet....free food and board....smiles.

  2. Mike, I can identify with the desire to lock oneself away, to seek to be confined again. But to what, or whom? I like the way this poem engages the mind.