09 April 2012


Camel Bone Jewelry Box [1]
Image from RuffLife

Hold me in your embrace.
Lock it like a box.
Whisper your name inside
Before you shut the top.
I want to see the echoes of each letter
Bounce slowly off
The red, pillowy insides.

Tuck me in
Like an old band
With no stone.
Four lonely, gold prongs
With nothing to clutch in their soft grip.

Slide me into a drawer,
In a corner,
Near the back.
I'll be ok inside
With your sounds and syllables.
With the tickle of your voice
At the back of my neck.

Cover me with something
Silk and precious
Before you shut me away.

Even though I missed some days, here is NaPoWriMo for Day 9. Submitted at Poet's United and Imaginary Garden with real Toads


  1. It sounds like a bedtime poem. :) A gentle request for gentleness and care.

  2. Welcome to the Real Toads Open Link. Great to see you sharing your work with us. I think your central metaphor expresses the emotions very well. I like the idea of the voice tickling the back of the neck: very intimate.

  3. I like the way you used the metaphor of the box for your emotions, so deep and heartfelt. A sad write but beautiful share ~

    Welcome to Real Toads ~

  4. Oh, this is really nice! A sweet poem with such unique imagery. So glad I found your work on Real Toads!

  5. I really like the metaphor of the box for your emotional angst and sadness.

    Welcome to Real Toads ~ Hope to see you around ~

  6. loved the poem.hoping to read more soon.

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  8. The last stanza is beautiful. I had trouble commenting in your blog earlier. I am going to try to delete my incomplete comment above.

  9. Beautiful but I sense some sadness in here too.

  10. Sweet, beautiful and I too sense sadness.

    Anna :o]