22 April 2012

I'm Still Alive

Image  by Alex Stoddard, posted at The Mag

Shackle my feet.
I don't care.
They're to weak flee
Me from you.

Fill the tank with cold water.
Maybe the hypothermia
Will make me forget.
Maybe you'll have know idea
While my submerged smile
Seems to be at you.

Weld the lid airtight.
I haven't breathed in years.
But I'll blow tiny air bubbles
Just so your spectators can see
That I'm still alive in here.

This obviously made me think of Houdini (though, from the poem you might not tell), but that's a pretty cool coincidence. A lot of my students are reading a micro-short biography of Harry Houdini, and I made a reference to Houdini in a recent poem, Jailbreaker. Thanks, Tess, for Mag 114.


  1. Replies
    1. I'm having that kind of week. Well, my writing is having that kind of week.

  2. i couldn't tell you were thinking of houdini from the poem...is that good or bad?

    altered states

    1. Not good are bad. Or, maybe a little bit good. It wasn't really inspired by Houdini, just made me think of him.

  3. oy this one is deep with feeling...they have no idea...i have not breathed in years....goodness sounds like a smothering relationship to me...

    1. Yeah. Maybe they need to take separate vacations.

  4. Creeping me out, here! But I like it!

  5. Yikes. This is not a happy camper.

    Well done!


  6. I like "I haven't breathed in years"...nice write...