15 April 2012

Dream It Hard

I dreamed it
So hard.
I had it
Every night.
In the palm of my brain.
I slept so hard
At everything I ever wanted.

I swam to the bottom of the ocean
In a happy squid’s sucker grasp.
I flew shotgun with the red baron
And rode down a bomb
To the bottom of the Grand Canyon.
It blew up in pink bubbles.

I raced Paul Bunyan
To the top of Mt. Everest
In three great bounds.
I looked down at the constellations
And colored them
Alpha wave orange with rainbows
That slung from my wrists
Spiderman style.

I dreamed it
So good.
I saved the world from zombies.
I found Jimmy Hoffa.
I punched the Hulk.
I lived forever.

And still,
My eyes opened.

Definietly a work in progress. I'm not so happy with the ending at all. Submitted at Imaginary Garden with Real Toads


  1. "i lived forever"...beautiful...

  2. Wow, those are some wild dreams. Wish mine were so colourful :)

  3. This reminds me of believing in yourself... a really good poem.

  4. I like it...dreaming contrasting with eyes opened. Lived forever is a good line ~

  5. This is wonderful. I love "in the palm of my brain"! And I like the ending. It all comes down to that — reality.
    Good work, whether in progress or not.

  6. In the palm of my brain... what a terrific line! Really well put together.

  7. A dream poem...I don't dream much when asleep. I mostly dream with my eyes open. Nice work!

  8. The landscape of dream is the landscape of the possible - until that final irony, when you open your eyes.

  9. Thanks all! I almost used "in the palm of my mind" but I thought "brain" worked better.

  10. This is awesome! Especially stanza 1.

    Once I dreamed I was on a roller coaster that spiraled down faster, faster, and would launch you into space at the end. But someone woke me up right before the launch.

    I can SEE why you don't like the end of the poem...lol