13 December 2011

Flesh Technician

Image from slayerphoto

A scalpel
Isn’t much different than a screwdriver
Or a wrench in the right hands.

Surgical scrubs or coveralls.
Blood or grease.
Boots or booties.

Shiny tools on a tray.
The flesh technician
Dismantles a man.

Remove, replace, modify.
Swap the parts
Like an automotive rebuild.

Righty tighty.
Check the fluids.
Suture to close.

Inspiration for this poem came from the reason I have not posted any poems in a while. My wife had a fairly sudden hospital stay that resulted in a  laparoscopic cholecystectomy, which was pretty much planned, but not expected to be so immediate. Anyway, a few days in the hospital, then surgery, then recovery. The way the surgeon explained things made a lot of sense to me. It seemed very technical. Almost mechanical-technical. I guess that coupled with my experience as a mechanic and the above correlations. Look for it at dVerse.