13 November 2011

Winter's Frigid Razor

No horizon
Image from Our Lady of Disgrace

Not much in nature
Is as cruel as winter’s frigid razor.
How it shaves away slivers of frostbitten flesh
And floats its massive, ice-white daggers
Just out of sight,
Slicing  steel, scalpel precise.
How it grows in arctic procreation,
To vast, smothering sheets,
Entire continents trapped beneath them.
Shunning mercury
And freezing the motion
Out of every hot molecule.

Wicked Old Man Winter sits atop a blizzard for a throne,
Throws down his endless, blinding, frosty plight
And smiles a shivering grin.
Cold death rains down from  the slushy marrow
Of his frozen bones.
Mortals below bundle and shake
In frosted subjugation.

And with the spring melt,
He leaves,
Willing and grudgeless.
His patience,
Older than history
He knows his time will come again. 

Winter just seems like it his a bad disposition to me. I think my inspiration really came from the title of a movie, Winter's Bone, which is great! Also, Black Sabbath has a song, Snowblind, that really uses some dark winter metaphors. Music is always a huge inspiration to my poems. I shunned it at first, but I think I may just bill myself as the metal blogging poet. Metal has inspired my greatly... lately. Submitted for The Thursday Think Tank #74.


  1. Such an in depth and creative poem of winter...winter's frigid razor, smothering sheets, slushy marrow of his bones...A wonderful winter piece

  2. Perfect picture... seemed to flow with your words of winter- creative

  3. a beautiful yet chilling write....the wicked old man at the throne hey?... he always comes back meaner than ever ~

  4. Great images in this one! I love "winter's frigid razor" and "slushy marrow of his frozen bones." Makes me shiver! And you reminded me that I still need to watch Winter's Bone-thanks!

  5. Thanks all. I had fun with this one.

  6. yes, I felt the cold too, and of course you are almost into Winter!

  7. Brrrr, you really characterized winter well!