17 November 2011

A Different Kind of Disaster

Image from Magpie Tales

I’m a different kind of disaster,
Creeping slow like a growth
But devouring like an invisible swarm.
It’s so quick and gradual
That you’ll never really understand
How I did it.

You never saw anyone stand up,
But everyone’s gone.
You didn’t notice a single thing
Go  missing
Until all you had left was me.

Can you blame me
Any more than a hurricane or an avalanche?
Pain is not our intent;
It’s  our nature.
I am every bit as much
A kinetic phenomenon.
I’m just a different kind of disaster. 

Mag91 really reminded me of the album cover to Permanent Waves. Got some inspiration there.


  1. That's quite an unsettling thought, to be honest...!

    Well written... cheers...

  2. Clever and imaginative approach to this week's prompt.

  3. This one is sort of ambiguous, at least the way I read it. I can interpret it in several ways, all of which are sort of creepy. Nicely done!

  4. Ohhhhh .. love your interpretation of the Magpie photo!!

  5. I like the curious combining of both quick and gradual...nice write...

  6. Thanks, all. This is a little different and more abstract than I am usually comfortable with.