22 November 2011

Cozy Constrictor

Emerald/Green Tree Boa Constrictor
Image by Eisen Jiao

She  tastes like cherry
Red hot vinyl.
Her long-legged spider mistress
Fresh-spun silk
Feels like cloud skin,
Even as it wraps around me
Like a satin shackle.
Even as it coils up
Like a velvet python.
Breathe in deep
My cozy constrictor.

My lone inspiration:
"Little did I know her body was warm delicious vinyl... " Red Hot Chili Peppers. 
Posted at dVerse Poets Pub (first time there).


  1. cool. it is a neat feel of their skin on yours, my roomate in college had one...of course this also makes for a great metaphor..smiles.

  2. Thanks. The guy downstairs in my dorm had a ball python that peed on me.

  3. Um, satin shackles, getting kinky are we now? I like that image! Welcome to dVerse, BTW. It's a cool place to hang out.

  4. Great write...I however, would use different words to describe such an experience...shivers up my spine! lol

  5. great poem...hmmm...snake? sounds rather sensual... :)

  6. This is sensual and amazing photography. I'm not a reptile person and a pet magazine I used to write for asked me to do an article on snakes as pets. Agreed as long as I didn't have to interview one. Actually learned a lot from an on-line reptile community.

  7. Thanks, all!

    Mouse, I really picked that line for the sound. I had originally written "velvet shackle" and "satin python." But now that I think about it more, I kind of dig the visual.

    Thanks for visiting and your comments, everybody!

  8. LOVE the Chili Peppers sound -- that spritzie-cactus guitar...

    And this poem is AWESOME!!


  9. ooh i love where this went and how it evolved. :) x