06 November 2011


A grave is lucky to be manicured.
New flowers and power-blown grass trimmings
Mimic beauty
Too perfect for the living.
Groundskeepers in uniformed work gloves
Riding mow every plot into a photograph
On a lucky cemetery.
Weeds stand guard in all the rest.

But luck won’t penetrate rolled out sod
Or overgrown, gravelly neglect.
Only rain and bodies and store-bought tombs
Go down with the underground worms.
And they don’t need luck
To do what they do.
They don’t need caskets or funerals
To make us beautiful again.

So this is what I the picture inspired me to write, but I kept thinking that this idea must be coming from somewhere else. Then I thought about the movie I watched yesterday, The Day the Earth Stood Still (2006ish remake).  There was a scene where Keanu Reeves said, "Nothing ever really dies. It just transforms. The universe wastes nothing." That's pretty much how it goes. By the way, the movie was very decent, if you don't mind Keanu Reeves completely unemotional... um... acting. Anyway, it all came from Mag 90 at Magpie Tales.


  1. Transforms into something beautiful again...thought provoking write...well done...

  2. Nicely understated. Death is not the end-it's just the beginning of something different. I like this one-it has a nice organic feel to it.

  3. indeed thought provoking... like it!


  4. oo nice dance in your words today...and that is all it takes to be beautiful again...smiles.

  5. Thought provoking and cleverly written.

    Anna :o]