23 October 2011


Image from Poet's United
From static black,
Stained in angry clouds,
Miles above anything that cares,
Out rips Exciter.

Its up-and-down crooked claw
Singes the sky’s molecules
And annihilates her terrestrial kin
In an instant incineration.

Its voice rumbles on after,
Like a memorial for destruction
Or a dirge for a smoldered forest.

He sheathes his dagger back into the night.
Exit the electric assassin.

Out slips Exciter.

So this is marginally interesting. I love this Judas Priest song called "Exciter." But I never really payed attention to the lyrics (because the main riff is pretty bad-ass). But there is one line in the chorus, "Stand by for Exciter" that just sounds powerful. I wanted to base a poem on that. THEN I saw the Thursday Think Tank prompt on energy. So I thought - LIGHTNING! After I wrote this, I decided to read the Judas Priest lyrics. The song is very literally about lightning and I did not know. But now my poem seems a bit more like a rip off than something that was inspired. Here it is anyway. Also look for it at the Thursday Port's Rally.

A poor quality recording of Exciter played live, but really catches the spirit and the 
ENERGY  of the song.


  1. A nifty poem AND a music lesson...like getting a 2 for 1 :-)

  2. Can't say I'm into the Priest but I do like your poem! You captured the raw energy and destructive power very well.

  3. You captured the essence of energy around us very well :)

  4. Exciter and destroyer all at the same time. I'm so impressed with your descriptions!

  5. very powerful and full of imagery.

  6. love it,

    powerful imagery.

    hope that you have enjoyed poets rally, the trick is to visit 18 peers, to get more feedback for your own work,

    come again tomorrow, if you share as soon as we are open, you get better feedback.