23 October 2011


Image from Poet's United
From static black,
Stained in angry clouds,
Miles above anything that cares,
Out rips Exciter.

Its up-and-down crooked claw
Singes the sky’s molecules
And annihilates her terrestrial kin
In an instant incineration.

Its voice rumbles on after,
Like a memorial for destruction
Or a dirge for a smoldered forest.

He sheathes his dagger back into the night.
Exit the electric assassin.

Out slips Exciter.

So this is marginally interesting. I love this Judas Priest song called "Exciter." But I never really payed attention to the lyrics (because the main riff is pretty bad-ass). But there is one line in the chorus, "Stand by for Exciter" that just sounds powerful. I wanted to base a poem on that. THEN I saw the Thursday Think Tank prompt on energy. So I thought - LIGHTNING! After I wrote this, I decided to read the Judas Priest lyrics. The song is very literally about lightning and I did not know. But now my poem seems a bit more like a rip off than something that was inspired. Here it is anyway. Also look for it at the Thursday Port's Rally.

A poor quality recording of Exciter played live, but really catches the spirit and the 
ENERGY  of the song.