13 September 2011

Shiny Things

Take your next shiny thing.
And push every backlit button on it.
Bluetooth the audio to your earbuds.
But do try to remember,
Your soft brain
With its tiny chemical memory
Doesn’t nearly compare
To what the stiffness of granite will never forget.
The Earth remembers a new moon in a hot sky.
The mountains remember the bottom of a fishless sea.
Nature will ignore all your neon distractions.
The world will turn.
Continents will shift,
But the rocks will keep it all. 

Been away for a while-start of the school year. Ugh. Anyway, here something from ideas that I got from a Tool song, particularly the lines "just one big festering neon distraction" and "fuck all you junkies and fuck your short memories ." (lot of f-bombs in the song. The song is Aenema, and it does happen to be fantastic.

1 comment:

  1. As all of the recent natural "phenomena" have showed us all, the power of Nature is beyond that of our "shiny things."