24 August 2011

Fingers Speak

Image from .Baz

I’m losing my shape,
Or what you think it is,
But much too slowly.
This skin shrinks every second,
Holds me like claustrophobia at the end of a chain.
Luminous ripples bubble around my bones,
But only seep miserably through my pores.
Your eyes can’t even see me slip away,
Don’t know I’m escaping.
It’s cruel to keep me like this.
In a body so rigid
With its cramped confines of legs and arms
And fingers.

But fingers, I can use.
Fingers, I can dance through your air.
Fingers  manipulate your atmosphere
Fingers can speak.

Ok. Here we go. I was listening to Crosseyed and Painless, by the Talking Heads. Most versions start with "I've lost my shape." I thought about that and I visualized it like a Doctor Who regeneration (NuWho style)-if you don't know it doesn't matter. But I thought about something inside of a person trying to escape. Somehow I related that to Jimi Hendrix and had a notion that he's creative brilliance was trapped in an insufficient human form, and the best he could do with it was play guitar. I'm not that happy with the whole thing, but I haven't posted anything in so long. But I think I'll continue to work with it. Posted for Jingle's Gooseberry Garden and the Thursday Poet's Rally at The Poetry Palace.


  1. This seems to be an affliction of many artists and creative types. Their physical body just can't hold all of their emotions, can't be made to express all of their inner chaos exactly right. They get frustrated, numb themselves with alcohol or drugs. Many die before their time. At least I think that's what you were going for with this!

  2. I like this it is very creative and cool. I guess I just like the concept. nice

  3. Very well done and words that ring so true!

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  4. I already commented on this, but for whatever reason, I didn't notice the name of your blog; I love it!

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  5. Also didn't notice the name of your blog until charlesmashburn mentioned it and I also like that a lot.

    I like poetry that makes me stop and think and this absolutely did that. Food for thought, the concept of something greater than the sum of self being trapped inside... Needs pondering. Thank you for that! *smile*

  6. ahhh how true.. very nicely done...

    here's my entry for the week: http://wp.me/p1hI0l-7w

  7. love it! glad to be of acquaintance through thursday rally.. my posting this week.. http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2011/08/04/strength-of-faith/

  8. Very Beautiful poem..

  9. I love that you're using words to say that words don't always cut it. ;-)

  10. I'm very happily shocked that so many people seem to like this. Thanks again, everybody.

  11. Cool. "Holds me like claustrophobia at the end of a chain" - love this line! Also love that you started with inspiration from the Talking Heads - can't get much better inspiration than that!

  12. Very Nice Poetry with an amazing Imagination
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  13. This really comes to life with the picture. Exceptional.

  14. I like this. The limiting confines not only of the physical body, but of the body of others' expectations. Then those boundaries being extended by the powers the fingers DO wield. Lovely piece of work.

  15. Oh, this is an amazing piece! I'm so blessed to have read it. Thank you!


  16. Wow. Thanks again, all. I'm glad people are enjoying this.

  17. Truly captivating piece, thank you for sharing. "claustrophobia at the end of a chain" struck straight to the marrow.

  18. Very amazing and the feel is so refreshing and cool. Thank you so much today is my first rally and time is almost up I am trying to read as many as I can here is my piece http://promisingpoetsparkinglot.blogspot.com/2011/08/agreement-for-thursday-poets-rally-week.html

  19. I totaly relate. Somtimes the body feels like a weight holding you back from the free flow of the mind.