20 July 2011


If I were a killer,
I’d leave blood on my hands
To smear the stain twists of my fingerprints
Across the nighttime smooth of your window pane.
I’d use my pistol in broad daylight
And bang warning shots at the clouds
Until the bystanders
Would stand and watch.
I’d detail my intentions
With a spell-checked note,
So that if they got me before I could explain,
I would have already explained.
I’d want you to know.

Just a little something. Look for it at One Stop Poetry's One Shot Wednesday.


  1. This is so well written - and so haunting.
    Thanks so much for visiting!

  2. ooh, yes, quite haunting and very multi-layered. well done.

  3. Eek! Remind me not to tick you off!

  4. Wow. Dark and scary. Good write.

  5. @ Linda: Thanks. "Haunting" is a nice compliment.

    @ Mrs. Mediocrity: Thanks as well.

    @ Thanks, Rachel. It's cool to be scared by a poem!

  6. Mouse - This is not a total departure from my typical poetry. C'mon, it's ok. I'll post something happy.