28 July 2011

First Kiss

If I could talk to a star,
I’d whisper to one,
“I’ve always loved you.”
I’d understand
The celestial science of her elements,
The chemicals of her composition.

And I wouldn’t care
That she was just
A bright, gassy, nuclear thing.
That her heart was filled
With superheated heavy metals
Instead of love.

She would be empty of emotions
And longings for my human body
And thorny malice.
She'd have no need to deceive,
No means to lie.
My telescope and spectrograph show me her everything.

I'd let her gravity ensnare me
Into blissful circles
Until my orbit decayed.
I would close my eyes and spiral in
For a final first kiss
As my smiling atoms vaporized. 

Image from www.salzgeber.at.

 I had this idea a while ago, but only put a few words down. Now I put a few more. Sometimes I think a star would make a pretty good woman.Posted at Promising Poet's Parking Lot's Thursday Poetry Rally.


  1. That first kiss had better be mighty good because after that...who knows? This reminds me of a book by Jonathan Lethem called "As She Climbed Across the Table." It's a love story set in a physics lab, and a black hole is one of the main characters. You may enjoy it.

  2. Mouse, that sounds like an great book!

    Jingle, thanks!

  3. Lovely. Nothing is as good as the first kiss.

  4. Very interesting idea ... hadn't thought of a star ... moon yes, but not a star! Now, I will ponder!

  5. Great writing. Fresh idea and well done!

  6. Nerdy romance at its best :) Lolamouse I'll be checking out that book--sounds right up my alley.

  7. ive always said that nothing is more romantic than the stars skimming the wide expanse of the galaxy. beautiful post, i like this a lot!

  8. Great poem. I'm such a sucker for these stars-moon-stars-other celestial bodies stuff. :)

  9. Great poem. Another atom in the great entity. Tigerbrite

  10. Damn M.A.S.! Your beautifully penned words are as completely consuming as that final kiss. ANd damn if I'm not drawn into the astronomy of it all! Bravo!

  11. @ jennifaye: Thanks, so much. I feel like I should write about different stuff, because I just always want to right about something in space.

  12. @ planetcberluz: Thanks. "Another atom in the great entity." That sounds nice.

  13. Damn Ravienne! I'm so glad you enjoyed! Look around my blog, I have some more astronomy stuff. Thanks!


  14. hmmmm.. am impressed!


  15. Thanks, Shocker. I'm glad you liked it.

  16. Very evocative. I like it very much.

  17. Wow....beautiful poetry, thanks for sharing :)