24 July 2011

The Conquering

The Conquering
Rides in on Panzer tank treads,
Flattens a scorched path
Like Conan with gasoline.

Burning Tank
Image from egon voyd.
The Conquering
Takes no heed,
Takes no prisoners,
Gives no quarter to children.
Their bodies burn like the others.
Stack them in the schoolyard.

The Conquering
Has a thousand blades
To cut every fleshy thing that runs.
The reckless Conquering
Burns everything it sees.
One torch for friend or foe.

Corpses like coal figurines.
Skin and bone rise up as black ash
And fall earthbound like volcanic death,
Stifles the Conquering torch
And burns in his throat.
With a last conquering breath,
He chokes his enemy into each alveolus
And falls
Just as stiff and dead as everyone else. 

Theses fairly unpleasant thoughts were inspired by a couple of songs: The Battle of Nevermore (Zeppelin) and All Apologies (Nirvana). More particularly, the inspiration is from a particular line in each song. "The pain of war cannot exceed the woe of aftermath" and "choking on the ashes of our enemies." I also heard War Pigs on the radio today.


  1. Maybe you should listen to some "Carpenters" songs!

  2. I'm sure that will only make things worse.

  3. The conquerors looked around
    At all their ashen mess
    They stood there all quite silently
    Not one to call them blessed

    And from the ashes came the wail
    We conquered our brothers our sisters our selves
    We conquered our conscience and in our hearts delved
    A dark little ship without oar or sail

    For Acheron, Phlegethon, Cocytus and styx
    And most of all Lethe
    To memories nix

    ...Great poem and thanks for the inspiration. :D

  4. Thanks Fyodor! Inspiring another poem is the best compliment ever!