09 June 2011

Crossing the Law

The lines are slanted and white
Or sometimes even yellow.
Their smooth enamel skin
Laid out like silk,
Out of place on the
Black, corse, and pockmarked face
Of the raw street.
This is far from indistinguishable,
There is no confusion.
That yellow line with its
Forty-five degree slant
And its parallel partner,
That line is the Law.
Do you cross that line,
Obstructing its slick and shiny body
With your smog-tasting vehicular beast?
Do you cross the Law?

No need to answer. Because
I’ve seen that glass-eyed monster
Straddled sideways across my Law,
Crushing its sleek beauty,
And I’ve held my anger in check.

But next I see
That smoky, hot-bodied thing crossing
Atop my precious painted line,
I will set forth my vengeance
With crumpled metal and jagged keys,
With sharp, puncturing wounds
And shards of tempered glass.
I will reach barehanded into
The beast’s toothy mouth
And tear out its six insulated jugulars
With my sharp, greasy fingers,
Smudging the stain
On its clear-coat scales
And walk away grinning.

Here's something I wrote years ago. It's pretty fun. I'm posting it to let my few followers know I'm still alive. But I was out of town and then it became the end of the school year, report cards, blah-blah-blah. Anyway,  I'll pretty much get back into things in about a week. Tootles for now. Oh, this will go in The Poetry Pantry.


  1. Makes me glad I'm not a policeman... LOL

  2. I always suspected you had a bit of the rebel inside you! Figured you were busy with EOY stuff. Glad to see you're still alive!

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