08 May 2011


If I had the strength of a thousand men,
Then maybe I’d be a superhero.
If I could climb walls,
Then maybe I’d fight crime.
If I had a bionic brain to calculate equations,
Then maybe I’d set both sides equal.
If I had muscles that ripped through my shirt,
Then maybe I’d punch out the bad guys.
If I had super hearing,
Then I might teach you that it’s not nice to whisper.

Or maybe
I’d use my x-ray vision to look inside your house
And see where you keep your jewelry.
I might rip the front door from its hinges
And tear your safe from the wall.
I just might use my powers
For evil.

But probably,
I wouldn’t use them much at all.

I looked into some old poems. This is one I wrote in 200 2. I have a couple of different ideas of whee to go with it.  It's current form will be up for Poets United's Poetry Pantry.


  1. There is always a dark side to power! Your poem illustrates that well.

  2. "Every cop is a criminal and all the sinners saints"

  3. Mouse, you know I wrote a poem based on a Stones song. Well, just based on the title.

  4. I believe wisdom & understanding will always beget violence any day.

  5. With power comes corruption, Mike.


  6. Thanks, Jingle, Andy, and Pam.