18 May 2011

Night of the Bat

Tonight rides down on a bat’s wing.
Bats over the Domain
Image from Jared Kelly
Wind-shrieked radar screams
Chase the sun back,
Hones its precise destruction,
Guides its cutting path,
Like a bulldoze knife.
Until it’s sees you
And has had enough.

Echoes ping back to the night.
It hears your soul wither
And fall away.
“I am bored now,”
It whispers to the wind
As it glances back at you
Before lifting off toward the beckoning moon
Leaving even the rubble
In pieces.

I was thinking of Carl Sanburg in the shower (that sounds off). "The fog comes on little cat feet." Well how does a tornado come? Look for it at Poet's United. Also at a promising blog I just came across via Jinksy's blog, Poetry Jam.


  1. I love the line "'I am bored now', it whispers to the wind as it glances back at you." This poem conveys the power and mysteries of nature's forces. Very nice!

  2. Cool - your images are vivid and fresh - nice piece!

  3. "leaving even the rubble in pieces." Now that's some destructive power!

  4. Great imagery! It really does feel as if these forces of nature are sentient beings of some kind.

  5. the imagery is super.
    what a creepy/lovely piece.

  6. Thanks, Judith.

    Mouse, yeah-they're pretty bad ass.

    Thanks, Bug!