01 May 2011

Kick Drum

There is something
In the thick thudding,
Something prehistoric in the

There is something animal,
Something a hundred million years old,
In a hunched over ancestor.
Something before words.
Something before memory.
There is something primitive
In the short arc of two wooden sticks.
Something violent,
Blood-fisted and bare-knuckled.

There is something simple as an instinct,
But calculated and complex.
Something mad genius
In placing each stick just so.

Green drum kit
Image from johnmcga

Here is a revision to something I wrote a couple of years ago. I thought I could take a break after NaPoWriMo! This is a link to the original. I don't really like the title. I'm gonna stick it up at Poets United.


  1. there is something brilliant in your words.
    your talent shines.

    beautiful piece.
    Glad to see you at poets untied.

    join poetry potluck as well.

  2. You're a rocker at heart, aren't you? I can feel the beat in this one!

  3. Thanks, Jingle.

    Mouse-I rock pretty hard.

  4. Your poem paints a vivid picture! You write from inside the drum!

    Check the Poets United site today, M.A.S.

  5. First of all, congratulations on your poem being picked as the poem of the week on Poets United. It is a well deserved honor. I love the way your poems take me to places I haven't been to and makes me see and feel it. Kick Drum is no exception.

  6. Hey,
    Just saw your poem on Poets United as poem of the week! Congrats! Awesome job!

  7. Mary, I never thought about being inside the drum. I kind of see it. Thanks.

    To all others-No way!
    Thanks, Judy! Thanks, Mouse!

  8. There is something different I felt when I read this. I felt moved. Keep up the good work.

  9. COngrats M.A.S. What an observation! You write so beautifully.

  10. The beat of our individual drums keep the world turning, don't they? :)

  11. Thanks, Diner.

    Salem, thank you for such a compliment!

    Jinksy, of course thy do!