16 May 2011

For an Old Friend

When I turn the pages of my memories,
You’re there like my first friend.
My mind puts you in a portrait
With my brother and I,
My sisters.
Wearing dated jeans
In front of the old brick house.

Sometimes I hear something
That sounds like you,
In the quick rustle of a page.
It looks like you
In letters down the spine
Of a book I’ve never seen.
Is it your brother?
Your sister?
Do you know me
From some common memory
That I want to think all words must share?

What do you feel
When my fingers touch your cover?
Do your fibers know me?
I feel a friendship
Old as papyrus.
I feel like we’ve always been together.

 Gadzooks! It's been  a long time since I've posted anything. Hopefully, this gets me back in the saddle. The picture from Magpie Tales made me think of a conversation I had with my sister about how we would sit and rad our outdated set of encyclopedias for fun. I had never known that my sister did that too. It is one of my fondest childhood memories. Well, here's what I got for today.


  1. What a wonderful way to feel about your old book-friends!

  2. I used to read our encyclopedia set for fun too!

  3. That is so nice! I love it! Thank you for sharing. My magpie: http://verseinanutshell.wordpress.com/2011/05/16/open-book/

  4. Reading is all about memories connecting. Beautiful. My favorite of yours so far, M.

  5. I love this one, too. That book connection can yearn deeply. Well constructed.

  6. I used to do that too! What do kids do now?

  7. Strange how so many of us relate to this photo as reminders of friends and adventures. Think I'll hang and visit for a bit, if you don't mind. Seems such a familiar place. smiles.

  8. Sally, I hope your set wasn't as outdated as ours.

    Thanks, verse.

    Tess, really? Thanks so much.

    Thanks, Brenda.

    Kids just facebook, Mouse.

    Reflections, I'm glad you enjoy, Thanks for dropping by.

  9. What a wonderful tribute to all the great books in your life. I think all of us can realate to this one!

  10. Do your fibers know me?
    I feel a friendship
    Old as papyrus.

    I'm sure they do! :)

  11. vivid imagery on memories of reading.
    lovely tale.