24 April 2011


Shine your guitar
Image from Pic A Day
Bright as an electric bolt 
Flashing superheated to the ground.
Light up the atmosphere
With six steely strings.
Switch the humbuckers to crunch.
And dial the tone
To the top of the spectrum.
Vibrate photons to my ears
In colors that can only be heard.
I’ll close my eyes against the static
And see each note
Close its long fingers
Around every nearby sound
In a stranglehold
That chokes them 
Into silent submission.
Until there is nothing left
But the laser-light guitar shine
And the hot hum of
An analog amplifier.

Ok. I love to write poems about music. And I love rock. I've written a few songs inspired or even based on RUSH music and a few Hendrix poems (I'm a rocker). This poem is more of an homage to metal, or as close as I have yet come. Posted at the following: Sunday Scribblings, Jingle's Poetry Potluck, Writer's Island. The picture is from my sister's blog (which she hasn't updated in a year). It's actually a picture of her husband's amp. He's a pretty bad-ass guitar player. Here's something new for me--a video on my blog. My brother-in-law's band. Click it if you like (sound quality isn't great). Oh, I'll take suggestions on a different title. Though it does reference a song that rocks pretty hard.


  1. Help! Where are my earplugs? LOL

  2. I love this paean to electric guitars.

    My favourite line (of the century!):

    Switch the humbuckers to crunch.

    I'm not sure what it means but I don't care; it's like music.

  3. Powerchord poetry. Kicking.
    Loved the synesthesia in the middle: "In colors that can only be heard. / I’ll close my eyes against the static." Like standing right in front of the speakers good.

  4. Having listened to plenty of metal I can vouch that your poem reflects exactly how it sounds like. :D

  5. I can HEAR this poem LOUDY. LOL. Well written.

  6. Jinksy, hope it was a fun read.

    imnotaverse, I love that you love one of my lines without knowing what it means. "it's like music" is such a great compliment. Thanks!

    Ron, Amanda- You make me feel like I it wasn't ridiculous to write a poem about metal. Though it's not the poem particularly about Black Sabbath and/or Judas Priest that I would like to write.

    Mary, Thanks!

  7. What a great plan you have set before you. Best of luck on your journey. Be careful - it can be addictive.

    Added myself as a follower.


  8. 'Humbuckers'..definitely word of the day! Jae :)

  9. wow! even electric guitars can be a good subject write! my potluck.. http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2010/02/13/a-chinese-love-story/

  10. Lisa, thank you so much!

    jaerose, I've always loved that word!

    fiveloaf- Guitars are beautiful! Each one is a poem.

  11. You nailed the tone and feel of electric guitars!

  12. ROCK ON! Old head-bangers never die, they just passout a little faster!

  13. Loved it! I could feel the vibration of those six steely strings!

  14. I remember my sons' teen years and the vibrating walls! Great poem!

  15. Thanks, all!

    McGee- Nice. I have to remember that.

  16. Not understanding the vernacular, I had to look up a few of your references. Having done so, I like this piece, filled with so much allusion, even better.
    Here is mine:

  17. Kim,I knew there were some words in there that weren't accessible to everyone. Thank you for putting in the research!

  18. LOL Makes me feel like dancing and drinking in a good outdoor Montana concert! Thanks for this video and all.

  19. M., I remember when folk music first went electric with Dylan. Electrified, was more like it. Even though I'm not too far into the rock side, it's the blues... a bottleneck broken off and polished to slide up and down the strings like a cat in heat... the expressions of the faces of BB King and Muddy Waters. Wonder what Robert Johnson would have thought? LOVE your music posts! Amy

  20. I remember when my son got into metal. I actually liked some of it. Your poem brought back memories and music. Thank you, and any topic is food for poetry as long as you do it with thought and feeling. This is both,


  21. Amy, thanks. I think Robert Johnson would have sold his soul for an electric guitar.

    Elizabeth, thanks!

  22. rock and roll music is cool,
    so do you.

    awesome entry,
    Thanks for sharing it with potluck.

    see you on Sunday again.

  23. Rock on!

    each word carefully chosen:
    > "I’ll close my eyes against the static /And see each note"

    Makes me wanna grab some 80's tunes, put in my earphones (lest someone know what I'm doin') & rock out!

    AND, I already feel a bit like I did. It's true, it wasn't 3 minutes & 35 secs, but it was a song....