01 April 2011

Something New

   I will choose freewill.
   -Neil Peart

I will choose freewill
If my moving parts don’t chatter and grind,
If the chemicals jigsaws together
Just so.
If each gland secretes
In cookie cutter serving sizes.
If my internal clock keeps atomic time.

I will do anything I please
That won’t contradict my hormonal programming,
So long as my chemical components
Are correct.
So long as my soft-chip processor
Sparks each electrical instruction
Across clean, uncorroded connectors.

When every molecule is orderly arranged
I will be more
Than a finicky, blood-fuel computer-bot.
I will outgrow biology’s short leash
And become something new. 

Where I thought I wanted to go, and where I did go are not the same destination.
Also - gotta love The Professor.


  1. A lot of ifs encompass this free will. :) I like the rhythm and flow of the piece, and the hope in the last two lines. "clean, uncorroded connectors" sounds darn good. Well done.

  2. Thanks. There something that does make me want to keep working with this one.