04 April 2011

The Punchman

Boxing Gloves
Image by KWDesigns
There is something fantastic
In punishment,
In pure concussive force.
The snap-back of a head
And the roughness of red leather,
With the scent of angry precision.

There is beauty in blood
And sweetness
In well-earned sweat
That runs off a body
Like rain.

A science
Primitive as survival.
He studies and investigates
All the ways to best damage a person.
A thinking man’s barbarian,
Planning his postures,
Wrapping his fists.

Day 4 for NaPoWriMo. Didn't go from a prompt for this one.


  1. Well said: 'a thinking man's barbarian'. That could apply to a lot of sports, actually.

  2. I reckon so, but boxing has a very special brutality to it. And thank you.

  3. you rock...

    brilliant demonstration of your message.
    keep it up.

    invite you to join poets rally today.

  4. I love stories and poems about boxing.

    Also, I came here from Three Word Wednesday and decided to stick around and read more. I am usually not a poetry reader (I used to write it) but I have to tell you that you are starting to make me appreciate it again.

  5. "the thinking man's barbarian" ... memorable. Well done. Bravo!

    Welcome to Thursday Poets Rally. Enjoy ...

  6. Poets Parking Lot-Thanks. I'm talking a break from working on my entry to the rally today.

  7. Aden-I'm so glad that you like to read about boxing. Most people would not think that reading and boxing should go together in anyway. The poem is written from personal experience. I miss boxing.

    And your comment about my poems getting you to appreciate poetry makes me feel much too important. Thanks so much.

  8. Jaime-Thanks, that was one of my favorite phrases to pen.

  9. This poem was GREAT! Thank you!