28 April 2011

Painting the Dawn

The sun came early today,
A dawn’s eager workman.
He stretched on
His overalls and painter’s hat.
Squeezed a rainbow into a bucket.
He dipped in his bright brush
And blew a kiss of every color
Down a solar breeze
To his rocky canvas below.

He wet the oceans aquamarine
And yellowed every daffodil.
He painted the cold tundra
Blind man’s white
And coated the granite mountaintops
In thick crusts of gray.
He peered over gold-rimmed spectacles
To admire his temporary masterpiece
And spied the moon
Rounding the hemisphere,
Topped by a tilted artist's beret.
Her apron packed with dusty charcoals.

Image by Dave Hitchborn

My day 27 entry is based on Tabitha's comment (my 5 year old) this morning about the sun painting a flower.


  1. Tabitha's comment is a poem in itself! I love this one! Someone should illustrate it.

  2. Thanks, Mouse. I think I'm going to get Tabitha to teach me how to be a poet.

  3. stunning imagery on this, well done.

  4. You are a poet. This is beautiful.

  5. Thanks. I really did enjoy this one, but I never originally submitted/posted it anywhere.

  6. Sweet! I like the personification and grand imagery in this piece!

  7. This is absolutely breathtaking. I am a lover of art and have a best friend who does landscape photography. He'd certainly love this one! You've utilized such striking words! Wow!

  8. Thanks, all.

    Kay, I'm glad this one works for you so well!

  9. Nice poem. Whose photograph is it?

  10. The photo of "Sunrise over Keal Plantation"
    is by © Copyright Dave Hitchborne

  11. Further to Rob's comment I should add that Dave Hitchborne does not object to your use of his photograph published at http://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/101664 per se - the objection is to the lack of copyright acknowldgement. Many photographers will not object to you using their work put is very important that you take time to find the origin of the work and acknowledge the photographer's copyright.

    1. I have to apologize for this oversight. If you notice, my other photos are all acknowledged to there proper owners. Also, I only use photographs that are allowed for public reuse. I think somehow I forgot the caption that I usually include at the bottom of the photo attributing its ownership.