29 April 2011


She thought she bought a stairway to heaven.
But she knew that demons
Don't look down
Image from Mrs eNil
Could disguise themselves as cherubs
And unmask at any moment.
So she clutched her rosary beads
Tightly with each climbing step.

She thought she bought a stairway to heaven.
But things that seem
Too good to be true
Could stab like a rapier
And leave torn flesh for a reward.
So she tread lightly
And watched her back.

She thought she bought a stairway to heaven.
But when she peaked at the landing
There was a dangling doorway
Dead ended at the wall
Like a Winchester mansion.
She wondered if the ghosts of her kin’s past
Meant to haunt her dreams
Like a midnight specter.

So she kept awake
With her kerosene
Ablaze in the lantern
On the landing by the doorway
Open to reveal only
Tidy rows of bricks and mortar.
Then she remembered how she died
And how her stairway stopped
So far from heaven.

So I needed a poem for Day 28. Then I heard Stairway to Heaven and thought, "Why shouldn't I put that in a poem?" But I thought, for some reason, that the poem should not end well. I didn't know that the poem's protagonist had died until almost the last stanza. I started by just trying to make something that sounded creepy. It kind of fits Poet's United Thursday Think Tank theme, so I'll post it there.


  1. Stairway to Heaven (or Freebird) was always the last song at our school dances back in the day! You capture the creepy mood of the song well in this one.

  2. A most fascinating piece of writing. A haunting kind of theme to the very end.

    Best wishes, Eileen

  3. We often think we're buying one thing and get something completely unconsidered. This piece illustrates that to a tee.

  4. Thanks, Mouse. I really don't remember what songs they played at our dances.

    Eileen, thank you so much!

    Kim, thanks for your compliment!

  5. you have written a poem that catches the creepiness of the song and the ideas - well done

  6. Isabel, thanks. I was going for creepy.

  7. Gothic, and - well, yes, creepy. The stairs, the kerosene (which I could smell as I read this), the rosary beads... spooky stuff, and great, right up to the moment she "remembered how she died." Loved it. Chills. Amy