05 April 2011

The Final Comeuppance

If at first you don’t succeed
And the volcano’s pyroclastic rush
Doesn’t fossilize us fast enough
Into ashy statues of dust,

If the rippling jolt
Of tectonic subduction
Doesn’t lay absolute and final waste
To every human construction,

We’ll get our due.

If an asteroid’s corrupted orbit
Doesn’t burn through the skies,
You might still get your chance
To watch us all die.

If the epidemic doesn’t spread
Like a rumor of death,
And dies itself
Leaving a few of us left,

Just be patient.

Wait for the sun to gorge on us
In a gluttonous feast
We won’t even leave enough to smolder.
But it’s not a defeat.

We’re more the same
Than you’d like to understand.
But this is the way
We both should end. 

SDO Sees Spring Eclipse, April 2
Image from NASA Goddard Photo and Video

This effort for NaPoWriMo is a response to Today's prompt at Carry on Tuesday. It's a rare attempt at rhyme for me. It's very much in progress, but I think I like some of it just enough to keep working on it. And the title may change. I've just never had the chance to write the word comeuppance.


  1. My, you have been busy!I've been reading back a bit... glad you're on the go again.

    As for this one: Ah, the forces of nature and the cosmos. Things that make us feel small if we think about them at all which most of us had rather not.

    I like the timing on this one, the watchimacallit the meter? You know what I mean..

  2. Thanks, I'm glad to be back on, too. Likewise, glad to see you back after a bit of a hiatus.

    I'm trying to write a poem a day in April. Also, I have the week off.

  3. wow! extreamly powerful!

  4. I truly enjoyed this - thank you for sharing it.

  5. M.A.S., I love the poem and the rhyming works well, and the title is apropos.


  6. Lunawitch, Thank you very much.

    K - Thank you very much:

    Pamela, Thank you as well. I really never try rhyming! I'm glad someone thinks that aspect worked.

  7. You're right-we both seemed to be thinking on the same psychic plane today. For someone who doesn't do rhyme, do did a great job! And 'comeuppance' is a fun word to use in a poem-wish I would've thought of it!

  8. lovely..

    welcome to Jingle Poetry.

    beautiful poem, bless you and your precious family.


  9. Thanks, Jingle.

    Hey, how'd you know that my family is precious?

  10. Wow, you really tell it like it is!