10 April 2011


My hands are so dizzy.
Fingers droop with fatigue.
I’ve bent the sounds at every which angle
Like a strongman at the iron bar.
And somehow I don’t understand
Why there’s nothing left.

NaPoWriMo number 10.
My daughter says the most wonderfully poetic things, like "Daddy, my hands are dizzy." That's where this came from. It's different from a lot of my stuff because of its brevity (which came by accident-when I try to write short poems, it just ain't happenin') and the some of the lines are longer than what is typical for me. DAGNABBIT-I made my poem seem much shorter by making the lines longer. Guess I gotta keep working on this. I wrote this based on the Sunday Scribblings prompt: befuddled. I'll probably post it at Writer's Island and Poet's United's Poetry Pantry as well.  


  1. I like your work and your motivation. Like you, I try to write something each day. I like picturing 'dizzy hands.' Your daughter was onto something there!

  2. Thank, Mary. I do believe she was. Getting my one-a-day will be slightly more daunting, since I don't have the week off anymore.

  3. "dizzy hands" I love that, children are amazing. I like the brevity of this piece, so much said in so few words.


  4. Thanks, Pamela. I've been trying for some time to write a poem this short!

  5. It started like that for me , MM! The fatigued fingers were bending guitar strings.But it could be a writer, or whatever else you want it to be.