12 April 2011

Dancin' Machine

I wish I was a dancin' machine.
I would stroll into work late
And the boss would
Point his finger at my pop-lock.
But I would be way too funky
To care.

"You ain't the boss of me
No more!"

As my head bobs with the beat.
My headphones cover
Like electric earmuffs,
Puts the beat
Right down in my brain
Deeper than an instinct,
Like a program hardwired to my soul.

My boss is a radio, man!
My commands ride
A lightning rodeo
Down the speaker wire.
Watch me walk to the woofer, baby!

You pack my box
And keep it.
All those memories
Of when I was a man-
I’ll burn ‘em with the blue slacks.

I don’t work for you.
My boss is the beat, baby.
I’m a dancin’ machine! 

Here is a revision of a poem I posted in 2010. Every once and a while, I let the rhythm of the poem control everything. I wrote a poem very similar to this in...... 2000ish? I'm glad this persona came back. I dig him.


  1. What a lovely dream of rock and roll rebellion! I think this is one of your best so far.

  2. Rock and Roll Rebellion. I like that. Thanks.

  3. Have you got a bit of rebel in you, M.A.S.?


  4. Wonderful, I could almost DANCE to this beat!

  5. I love "You ain't the boss of me!" Sounds like it could be your kids talking! Ever want to change places with them?

  6. Bring on the beat box! This rocks!!

  7. Stan, Mary and Andy-Thanks-I have done a couple of poems like this and it's just really fun. I'm glad you thought it was fun too.

    Pam, Thanks. I only rebel in my writing.

    Mouse, I so often want to change places with my kids!

  8. This one is fun, must sing it.

  9. Dancing machine, indeed. I love this. Yes! You must make audio versions of your poetry. This one is begging for it.

  10. Thanks, Deep and Tess. I'm glad you like the sound of this one.

  11. This is amazing! Think you might be onto a winner here!

  12. Livin' life to the beat ... and don't we all want to drop everything and dance when we hear certain songs? Your poem captured that, the need to disregard everything and just ... dance :)

  13. The need to, and the inability to. Glad you liked it, Madame.

  14. sorry, I'm a little slow this week!
    awards are in. :)



  15. This is too cool for school, man! Really liberating, especially, "you ain't the boss of me," because my nephews used to say that to me, grinning. The whole poem made me feel giddy, and considering I have the flu, that's pretty damned good writing! Amy

  16. Thanks, Amy. My family is all getting over being sick. Well, my wife is just catching it. But you get better.

  17. Thanks for the visit and encouraging comments. Came over to read your verses and couldn't help smiling and nodding in affirmation, reading this one. Who can stop your feet from dancing when the music fills your soul? Who can keep you in chains , when just the moment is your goal? Wow...that rhymes. !! See what effect your peppiness has on the readers. Instant empathy:-)