14 April 2011

1,000 Years

1,000 years isn’t long enough
For all the things you’ve done
To decay into forgotten.
History will record 
The deeds that you deny.
My rocky gravestone
Will resist the dusty wind
And remind the body below
Of the parasite inside you.

1,000 years isn’t long enough
To dissipate my memories 
Of what you were.
My soul won’t have them in heaven,
And the soil won't let them seep
Down into an earthen escape.
It stands fast against them
Like a dirt brigade.

1,000 years isn’t long enough
For me to let go.
The ashes of my bones will remember.

Another late poem for NaPoWriMo. My daughter's storybook and I fell asleep with her. Posted this poem for day 13 as soon as I awoke, but it's day 14. The repetition was very intentional. I wanted to incorporate more structure into the poem, but that all fell apart. For Writer's Island's no promptless posting ground.


  1. "The ashes of my bones will remember" is such a powerful line. Nice piece.

  2. Thanks, Tess. I do like that line too.

  3. Speaks to the power we give memories. Well done.

  4. Wow-just returned from leading a children's grief group on memories and read your poem. Synchronicity? You have some very powerful lines in this one-"my soul won't have them in heaven," "the ashes of my bones will remember." Great poem!

  5. Thanks, Monk.

    Mouse, you lead children's grief groups? Wow. Glad you liked my poem. I think the coincidence may have made it seem more powerful than it is.

  6. I like the repetition herer, 'One thousand years isn't long enough' makes for a powerful message!!

  7. Oh this is hard-hitting! I love it, full of love and something haunting about it :)